An Open Letter to Money


Just saying the word conjures up visions of grandeur while wreaking havoc on my stress centres. Do I have enough of you in my life? Could you potentially transform me into an uber-me?

To most people, you’re the reason they get up and out of bed in the morning and head to the office, or the fields or the factory. You’re what we have lusted after for eons. We work our fingers to the bone for you. You know that, right? You’re the cause of much happiness, heartache, worry and hope – sometimes all at once. And you’re cool with this, aren’t you? It’s because you’re in charge. And, being the cheeky bugger you are, you smile because you know you’ve got the upper hand. And you’ll keep it.


We’ve all heard the old saying, the one about the Golden Rule: he with the gold rules. And it’s the truth, too. There will be those that deny their love for you. Those who somehow manage to escape your grasp. But, for now, I’m not one of them. I’m one of the crowd. And I, along with billions more, want and need you.

We will do anything for you.
We live for you.
We die for you.
We kill for you.
We love for you.
We cheat for you.
We work for you.
We sing about you.
We write movies about your appeal.
We hurt others to get more of you.
We believe you bring happiness.
We believe you make us important.
We dream about you.
And most of all, the majority of us, will never escape you.

Right now we’re locked in the grips of a global economic downturn. And, a big one at that. People who were once assured you were readily available are now seemingly wandering lost in this world. Searching. Searching for you. They think that if they find you, that they’ll find their purpose in life. But you and I, we both know this isn’t true – don’t we?

As I write this my mind floods with the smiles I’ve shared with the poor and destitute in Mexico. People with naught but a dirt floor to lie on and a warm meal once a day (and I’m talking the basics here – tortillas and beans) are happy people. Fulfilled people. Ignorance is bliss, or so the old saying goes, and the bliss of these people comes in the form of happiness for not having been brainwashed into thinking happiness comes at a price – and at an expense. A large one, at that. I think, if I had the choice I’d be torn between being ignorant of your allure and having more of you.

And, I’d like to say I could be like these people. They’re strong, confident and loving. They don’t sweat the small stuff and they make the best of how things turn out. But, I’ve been sucked in – to an extent that is. Would a billion bucks make me a happy camper? In all honesty, yes. I’d be back in school learning more about my passions (photography and design). I’d be reading more books. I’d spend more times with the people I love. I’d be travelling and learning languages by living in different countries around the world. I’d make sure my friends and family were secure financially. I’d follow the summer and get a tan – a good one, too. Yep, a billion big ones would sit quite nicely with me.

That said, I’m already completely aware of how lucky I am. My loved ones are healthy and well-loved. We all have full bellies and roofs over our heads. We splurge on holidays and nights out for dinner and massages. Money, you’ve been good to me. That said, I think we should cool it with our relationship. You’re a good time. A frat party on rocket boosters. You’re what dreams are made of. Let me rephrase – you’re what dreams WERE made of. At least for me. Yep, we need to break up for a while, me and you. You’re great. Really. It’s me, not you. I’ve just come to realize that life’s too short to spend anymore time than necessary obsessing over you. Go on and haunt someone else’s dreams for a while. Okay?

As for me, I’d like it if we could stay on speaking terms though. I’m not ready to cut you out of my life all together. I’m just ready to have other goals in mind than getting more of you for myself.

So Money, this isn’t “goodbye”…it’s more “see ya when I see ya”, I think it’s all for the best. I’m ready to concentrate on the good stuff. Not the fluff.



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