My 24 Day Challenge: Day 1

So, I’m going to be brutally honest with myself and everyone else and admit that the past six weeks (thanks to the Rugby World Cup) have been awesome and crazy all at once! They have also played havoc with my diet and exercise regime.

New Zealand opened The Cup with flair and, like most of the population of Auckland, I partied like a rock star to welcome the tournament alongside friends and family. With rugby matches happening for six weeks straight, and the party atmosphere that came with it, it’s easy to see how diet and exercise fell by the wayside.

Now that the Cup is ours (go you gorgeous Men in Black) it’s time for me to get my A into G and get to work. I’m making a plan for bikini season and setting goals for getting back to fitness. In my awesome wisdom (and it is AWESOME), I appealed to my frugal side when it came to committing to a program and decided that if I spent money on a “challenge” I’d see it through. With American friends visiting and singing the praises of Advocare, along with a good friend back home spurning me on – I paid $300US and set my sights on the 24 Day Challenge.

So here we are today – looking down the barrel of Day 1.

I was thinking I’d allow myself some leeway today and perhaps start later in the week. I really couldn’t fathom not having comfort food after hearing some upsetting news from back home. But, after allowing myself to crumble slightly, I pulled myself up by my proverbial boot straps, smacked the frown from my face, replaced it with a grin and forced myself to smile. It worked, and I’m off to a running start (literally).

Just as a bit of background to the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, the first 10 days are all about cleansing the body. This means cutting out things like dairy, simple carbohydrates, sugar and caffeine (energy drinks be damned!) Each morning for this phase I’ll be taking a fiber drink (it’s so thick you can chew on it) and having fresh fruit to kick start me for the day. During the daytime, I’ll be making sure to get more lean protein and raw/steamed veggies in my diet.

So far, so good.

Breakfast today was a supplement drink to get me going followed by an apple 30 minutes later and the aforementioned fiber drink. I had a banana for a snack before lunch and heaps of veggies and chicken for lunch. This afternoon it’s been another apple and some almonds for a snack. In the evening I went to a killer boxing class (thank you Shane Cameron’s Northside Boxing!)

Dinner was chicken, salad and mixed grain rice. I thought by this point I’d feel super hungry and be DYING to get my hands on my daily dose of candy corns and Malteasers. Lucky me, no sugar cravings yet. That said, not having something sweet after dinner tonight is really testing my devotion to the program – this I know is true!

Truth be told, I’m a creature of habit – some of them bad habits. I think taking the time and spending the money to invest in my health is going to be the kick up the backside I needed to really feel 100% going into the Silly/Holiday Season (which is Summer here in New Zealand). Cleaning up the body in a healthy way is very appealing to me as I’m usually pretty attentive to my diet and exercise regime.

But hey, can you blame me for the past 6 weeks? So many good looking rugby men completely distracted me – a girl’s gotta have priorities! Now my focus has shifted from Richie to getting fit (I lie, I’m always focused on Richie). Here’s to a successful 24 days ahead, and to a change for the better when it comes to eating habits.

Also…here’s to Summer. Man, I can’t wait for the sunshine to roll out!!!

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