My 24 Day Challenge: Day 2

So it’s been near on 36 hours since I commenced my 24 Day Challenge – and I’m pretty stoked about everything so far.

The supplements and fiber drinks taste a bit like ranky cheese at times, but they remind me that the getting-out-of-shape part of the journey was the fun and scrumptious bit — not the getting back into shape part. This morning was fruit for breakfast and as a snack. More salad and chicken for lunch and a Spark energy drink to keep me upright in the afternoon.

I must admit, not having sugar at 10am and 2pm like I usually do is testing the old reserves when it comes to sticking to my guns – but I’ll be damned it the sweet goodness of candy corns will thwart my efforts in setting up healthy habits (and wiping out some bad ones) moving forward.

The thing that is making this challenge so doable, I believe, is that it’s not super strict. I’m still in the cleanse phase and there are suggestions for meals and snacks, but nothing that’s crazy or restrictive. My husband called me earlier and asked “am I cooking dinner for you, or just Booboo (our 5 yr old daughter) and I? Will you eat REAL food?”

First of all everyone, pick your chins up off the floor – yes my husband cooks (damn well, too). And my answer to him was “Yep, chicken and veggies and rice…” went down well, too, as he’s an adept hand at creating healthy, tasty fare and was just as stoked as I am to know that normal, healthy eating is what this challenge is all about. Not some silly week-long detox where you drink vinegar and eat cabbage. Yuck!

Regressing back to last night, I really enjoyed going to my boxing class and having a good amount of energy to really hit the crapola out of the bags. It’s amazing how skipping the sugar and the energy drinks really keeps one more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than normal (and for everyone who knows me – this is a HUGE feat! I’m ALWAYS bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!) Home from boxing, I had a pretty nice dinner BUT was pretty hungry afterwards – this is my personal Bewitching Hour. I usually snack a lot after dinner (naughty, I know). And the snacks are usually sugary.

I assumed the “hunger” I felt after dinner had something to do with this. That said, I fought off the urge to snack and had a water and my fiber pills instead. Not as sexy as raspberry jell-o and Hokey Pokey ice cream, but hey I’m a girl on a mission, right? Anyhow, I went to bed still feeling hungry and actually got up around 2am for a banana. That sated my hunger and I slept like a baby and woke up feeling as sprightly as ever – no exhaustion in sight.

Yep, so 2 days in and I’m feeling fab. I’m not sure if it’s all a mental game or a physical one or a meeting in the middle of the two – but whatever’s happening, it’s going well. I am tracking my weight and will also keep an eye no how my clothes are fitting me as we move through the next 3 weeks.

We shall see what Day 3 brings – hopefully not copious amounts of carrot cake (my favourite treat) or any falling off of wagons.

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