My 24 Day Challenge: Day 3

This morning I was up before the dawn and ready to hit the ground running. It’s a TGIF (waa hoo, bring on the weekend) which means it’s my usual “Treat Day” – ruh roh! Fridays double as a good excuse to splurge on sweets and take-away food in my mind as well as in my home (it’s almost a cultural phenomenon in New Zealand, the Junk-Food-Fridays) so most of the day today I’ve spent slapping my own hands away from sugary treats and avoiding fried foods.

Just taking a step back, my idea of “splurging” isn’t typical. I don’t open a bar of chocolate and eat the entire thing – when I splurge I usually have 3 squares instead of one or two. And I don’t eat an entire bag of chips, just having a taste is okay. I can’t binge. It isn’t in me. Nope, I’m much more controlled in my sneak attack when undoing my own good efforts with diet and exercise!

Over the course of most Fridays I set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Bad eating Friday equates to a slippery slope of snacking for 48 hours. This means that I usually spend the entire week eating well and burning calories and then undo all of my good work in the last two days by eating too much of the wrong stuff consistently. So, having a healthy Friday today will hopefully turn into good living from here on out.

This week has been a bit rough when it comes to juggling all of the facets of life and fitting in exercise. The Rugby World Cup distracted me and Monday was a recovery day indeed. Tuesday was a great day back in the gym and Wednesday I made it to an amazing boxing class. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to hit the gym yesterday or today – so tomorrow it will be a run and boxing. Sunday I’ve planned for a run as well.

I’m learning to make fitness a priority again in my life and to not feel guilty about taking an hour to myself. Thank goodness for the man I have in my life (yep, I’m gonna praise my husband again here) – he makes sure I get time for keeping fit and he’s supporting this wee journey 100%. He’s even decided to join a gym himself and is playing touch rugby one night each week, seeing him getting more active makes me very happy. Not only is Hubby being supportive, so too is Miss5. She’s a great gym buddy and loves to dance around the living room to work up a sweat. What a blessing, this family o’mine!

So yeah, Day 3 has been as good as day 1 and 2 – perhaps even better because I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. And, just as I’d imagined, playing to my frugal side (this challenge cost me money) and my competitive streak (I hate not winning) has been the way to go to get healthy again. Beyond all of this though, I can’t wait to have cheese again.

Yum, cheese!

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