My 24 Day Challenge: Day 6

A Spooky Time to be Trick or Treating

Day 6 of my 24 Day Challenge happened to fall on Halloween. Thankfully, as far as temptation is concerned, the fact that Kiwis don’t celebrate this holiday with as much vim, vigor or readily-available candy as Americans do saved me from myself. I am pretty sure that if I’d been at home surrounded by a plethora of candy corns and treat-sized Hershey bars I would’ve caved at least once during the course of the day – but I didn’t!

As far as a progress report on how I am feeling physically and emotionally, all I can say is that I am amazed by the amount of energy I’ve got. Usually I am literally exhausted by 9pm each night when I fall into a heap and doze off until 5.45am the next morning. Since about day 3 of not having soda, energy drinks, dairy or a lot of other refined products, I’ve felt like a whole new person. No, scratch that, I don’t feel like a whole new person – I feel like I used to before I became an adult with responsibilities and stresses and a tendency to put my health after other priorities in life.

Yes people, Momma Cass has been able to stay up past 10pm (for those who know me, I am serious here!) and enjoy more time with my husband after our little girl goes to bed. We’ve started watching a few new TV shows which we’ve wanted to see but I have never had the energy to stay up for. We talk more, fight less. Amazing how in 6 days just changing to a healthier diet has effected so many aspects of my life. I’m stoked and am hell-bent on continuing this cleaner eating and healthier living ongoing. And, lucky for me, I’ve got a big fan in my corner in the shape of my amazing Hubby.

Now, beyond the diet and mushy relationship babble, let’s talk about HALLOWEEN! Last night was pure magic. The kid in me that refuses to grow up was just as excited as the local kids to go trick-or-treating with Peter Pan (my daughter) and I. After borrowing the four young boys from next door to become part of our posse, I donned my full-body spandex suit, tied an American Flag around my neck and stepped out for an hour of fantasy. For the time we were out knocking on doors I forgot that I am so far from home at a time of year that is my favourite back home.

The smiles and the squeals of delight from the children made my heart soar. I still have a huge smile on my face thinking about how cool it was to get out and do something so American here in New Zealand. The best part of the night came when other adults of kids I didn’t know started shouting “Follow that American, she knows what to do!” I felt like the Pied Piper of Halloween.

I loved teaching people about a fun holiday – which is as much about being spooky as it is about fantasy. And, as an adult, having fun dressing up and being in the community was a blast. While we were out hitting the streets, my amazing hubby cooked me a lovely chicken breast, steamed veggies and some wild rice. Fresh strawberries rounded out a great night. And not falling onto the couch in an overly-full-sugar-fuelled-coma was sweet (pun intended).

And yes people, not even one piece of candy passed by these lips! Now there’s a win.

Next year, though, no spandex.
(maybe just a little)

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