My 24 Day Challenge: Days 7-10

I decided to write about the past 4 days in a big chunk since they signify the proverbial “home-stretch” in the 10 day cleanse phase of the 24 Day Challenge I’ve decided to do in order to get healthier, leaner and to break bad habits (think chocolate at 10am everyday and snacks every night after dinner). Following on from my last post, I was pretty darn pleased with myself on Halloween. Not only did I not eat any candy (it was bountiful in my house on the day) I didn’t want o eat any of it. From here though, my drive to be 100% “on” with my eating waned a bit.

I don’t know if it’s the natural process of getting used to things or just plain being lazy, but when faced with some stressful situations over the last few days, I’ve fallen victim to the bane of all chubby chicks: stress eating.The first infraction on my diet since the two bites of donut I had on Sunday (yes, I haven’t forgotten that little chocolaty ball of fried dough) was thinking it would be okay to finish of a small bag of potato chips that my daughter didn’t want.

It’s amazing really how cutting salt, sugar and other additives out of your diet for a week makes your taste buds super sensitive to them when they’re reintroduced. Needless to say, I ate half of a chip and spat it out – it was way too salty. I’m amazed that I’d have been able to finish them last week. This week, they’ve lost their allure. And, although I didn’t eat much of the junk food, I got a taste for it and that small (and seemingly insignificant taste) set the scenes for me to start thinking it’s okay to “just have a bite.” Damn, a mental step backwards!

After the chip incident I went alright through the morning of day 8 and into the afternoon. I followed the plan 100%. Dinner was a simple affair – a lovely chicken breast, mixed rice and steamed veggies (I know it sounds boring, but I prefer this kind of fare). Hubby went off to touch rugby and Miss5 and I watched a few cartoons before I put her to bed. After 10 minutes of silence I heard sobs coming from her room. She was inconsolable and could barely talk through her tears. When I could finally get out of her what was wrong, my heart sunk. She’s missing her Nana who passed away in May and I think it’s just hit her that Nana really is gone forever. I tried to comfort her as best I could but she ended up falling asleep sobbing in my arms. Next stop, a chocolate Freddo frog.

In the short-term, I know this isn’t a huge set back. In fact, with 6 hours of hard exercise under my belt in just 4 days this week, I know I’ve burned the calories Freddo represents. In the long-term though, I wonder if I’ll be able to curtail this need to self-medicate with something sweet when life throws me curveballs. I think just being aware of what’s happening and how I tend to react is a good start, now I just need to find some coping methods other than sweets.

I’m looking forward to Day 10 tomorrow – the last day of the Cleanse Phase and the last time I need to take the fiber drink in the morning (it’s pretty gross, really). From here on out it’s 2 weeks of intensely watching my food intake. As it stands now, on the morning of Day 10, I am very confident that two more weeks of this challenge will have started a major transformation in my life back to living a bit more clean, a bit more healthy and in line with setting up good habits for life.

Roll on Friday – here comes another test to stay away from the takeaways tonight when Hubby and Miss5 chow down on their weekly treats. Updates on the next phase are soon to come.

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