My 24 Day Challenge: Days 11 & 12

The Curse of the Weekend

Okay, that headline is a bit overly dramatic and perhaps misleading. I’ll come out with it – I love the weekends. Who doesn’t? Especially when it’s sunny outside, the BBQ is fired up and we’re spending time at the beach. But hear me out on this one. When I talk about the weekend as a type of curse, I’m merely alluding to the effects it seems to have on my eating habits.

With all of the goodness that comes with ending the work-week and having time
to relax and spend with family and friends, so too goes my mindset when it
comes to eating super healthy. Saying I stray from any work-week routine is an
understatement of gigantic proportions. I eat what I want and when I want on
the weekends (not in huge proportions, but all the calories add up!)

My saving grace is that I usually exercise like a fiend on the weekends and I don’t sit still for very long at all. I’m a certifiable wiggler, and the weekends give me more time to move about whereas the work-week means I’m usually sitting down. Usually we’re out of the house on the weekends, too. Saturdays are usually our “getting things done” days while Sundays are set aside for exploring as a family. We’ve ended up in some pretty amazing places just by getting in the car and driving. So yeah, Sundays are especially amazing. And, they’re especially bad on the waistline as I tend to not plan enough ahead to think about packing healthy snacks for the drive.

This weekend has been a mixed bag of sorts. We’ve spent it house-hunting. Seriously,hunting. And, with a wholly uninterested 5 year old in tow, it’s been a trying experience. It’s amazing how two people who live together 24/7 have such differing views of what the “perfect” house is. Hubby and I went through eight houses and while they all had their positive and negative aspects, there wasn’t  one we agreed on. I know, I know – it’s only day one. But still, I never realized we had such different ideals as far as homes go. He likes older homes, I’d rather pay more for something brand new. Lucky for us, home number nine is a keeper.

Before we even set foot in the last property of the day today we both had a feeling about the place. Once we went inside we were both in love with the place. With the yard. With the flow. With the neighbours. With everything. Next step, hopefully, is seeing what we can offer! Even if we don’t get the home we saw today, it was good to get out and see what is available in our price range and to see what each of us like when it comes to a house. Whew, one day of hunting down!

While feeling the ups and downs of house hunting I had a momentary lapse in dieting thinking and indulged in some naughtiness. Nothing earth shattering – but after two weeks of very simple, almost tasteless food, I was ready for some flavour. A bite of a raspberry cake was too tempting to turn down. I enjoyed every small morsel. And guilt? Nope, I don’t have even one iota of it going on in my head right now. Tonight for dinner, I opted for my home-made spaghetti sauce (filled to the brim with veggies, lean meat, etc.) on wild rice. It wasn’t as spicy as I’d wanted  as I’m seriously yearning for food with more zing – but it did the trick.

So yeah, day 11 and 12 are now over and I’m 12 days until the end of this challenge. Half way there and I must admit I’m a bit bored with the simple foods. Balance is truly what I am learning though, and portion control. Here’s to the second ½ of the challenge.

And to a rocking bikini bod ahead!

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