An Open Letter to Cancer

Dear Cancer –

I’m not going to beat around the bush or mince words here. I’ll say it firm and clear: you need to pack your things and go. I don’t need you in my life or in the lives of my friends and family. In the last few years you’ve destroyed a lot of people I
love. You’ve caused them to crumble. Some have beaten you at your game – for now at least. But others haven’t been so lucky. I’ve seen too many caskets lowered into graves on your account. I’ve cried a river and then some. And, I’m sick of
it. I’m sick of you.

You’re insidious. You don’t care about who a person is. How much money they have or how good or bad they might be. You’ve got medicine working like rogue armies to try to stop you – but thus far, even the best technology on the planet can’t stop you in your tracks. You’re wily, too. You spread quickly. And you wear so many masks that we never know when – or where – you’ll show up next. This pisses me off. This saddens me. This makes me feel like screaming, running away, breaking all of the windows in the house and pleading to whatever gods there might be in the heavens to help find a way to thwart you.

Yet, you keep coming back.

Today, after the tear stains of losing my mother-in-law and a beloved uncle have just been washed clean of my pillow case, I learned that another person I love and look up to has had their life interrupted by you. When you come around we all start to live life like we’re walking on egg shells. We tend to crumble from the stress and sadness you bring. I’m at my wit’s end with you. Seriously, just be gone. Pack your bags and go back to the ether from which you came.

You won’t leave though, will you? You’ll stick around because you enjoy the pain you cause. You find strength in breaking people down and you love nothing more than laughing at the expense of others. I’ll say this here and now: you’ll be beaten. One way or another, at some point in time, we will figure you out and find as much joy in destroying you as you do in causing us to crumble.

So yeah, Cancer, you need to get on your bike and ride off into the sunset…and off a cliff.



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