My love affair with fitness

A confession.
My name is Cassie and I’m an addict.

Yep, I’m a junkie of the worst sort.

A gym junkie.

I covet the clarity of a long run and crave the endorphins that flood my bloodstream as I sprint uphill. There’s an ambrosial sweetness in every box jump and push up I complete.

And the truth is, I plan my days around my highs – getting my fix is something that keeps my life, my mind and my soul in balance.

Success is hard won, and only comes when I push myself and my limits to the breaking point. So beyond my addiction, I guess you could say I’m a perfectionist as well.

More than anything, I look forward to my next fix.

Cravings I can’t ignore.
In this busy, fast, loud and non-stop world we live in, my soul craves silence. It seems counterintuitive, but I find stillness and silence in a big, loud and lively gym or outdoors running.

I get into a zone where I forget myself and the world around me. When I am pushing my limits physically, I turn off the parts of my mind that add to the constant din of life.

It’s during these endorphin induced moments of euphoria that I find clarity. I am nowhere and no one. I have no responsibilities. No bills. No stresses. I become a wholly physical being and am a clean slate.

With a clean slate, I feel refreshed and the creative side of my brain comes to life without distraction. My most effective time to create is after a workout – so my addiction also feeds my profession.

Exercise for me is a re-boot to my motherboard. With no bugs in the system and an empty hard drive, each part of my being runs more smoothly.

Inspiration to do more.
Because I am an addict, I always long to do more.
Short cuts anger me. Anything less than a full effort isn’t worth any effort at all.

I truly believe that a run doesn’t start until you forget you’re running. I desire deeply those stolen moments when I you know is the rhythm of m breathing, the cadence of my footfall on the ground and the slight tickle I feel as beads of sweat slip off my brow.

Inspiration comes in every deep intake of air. You push harder. You go longer. You trick yourself into believing you won’t be sore tomorrow because you’re feeling no pain now.

Yes folks, I’m an addict.

But this crack, ain’t whack.

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