I’m one tough Mudder – almost

People made of sheer grit and determination inspire me.

You know the type. They’re the rare few who are up before the dawn setting goals and knocking them out of the way before the sun rises. Their work ethic and drive to be the best mean that it almost looks easy to succeed (believe me though, it’s not!)

They’ve got their eyes on a prize and they face their fears head on – stepping over obstacles that look insurmountable to everyone else seemingly with ease.

They’re so passionate about what they’re doing that with one word, one action they start a fire in your belly.

They inspire you to become a better version of who you are now.

I want to be one of them.

One tough mudder

I want to become a better version of myself and to inspire others to do the same, so when I heard about the Toughest Mudder competition I was hooked.

If you haven’t heard about the Mudder challenge before – prepare to be gobsmacked. A series of events located across the globe, each one is 8 – 10 miles of obstacles in the mud, muck and conditions that turn the soft hearted into lions in the course of a day.

The top 5% of finishers for each event get invited to the final event of the year which is a 24 hour mega-marathon where competitors need as much strategy as they do sheer determination to win.

How is the winner decided you ask?

The person (there’s a male and a female winner) who completes the most laps of the course takes the crown. Awesome!

Teamwork is key

The best part about the Mudder challenge isn’t the purely physical side though – it’s the teamwork aspect that gets my motor running. Working alongside people you’ve trained with for months or building alliances on the day means you’ll finish with more than just sore and throbbing muscles…you’ll finish know you helped others just as they helped you to dig deep and accomplish your goals (here’s a short video on the Mudder’s philosophy).

At this point in time I’ve rallied a lot of support from people who are keen to try this out. Our biggest challenge isn’t the doing – it’s the distance we need to travel to get to the nearest event (which is in Sydney, Australia this Sept 22nd-23rd). Early next week some of the most inspirational people I know will call a meeting of the minds to hash out a plan of attack.

Getting there will take work, too

We’ll run through fundraising ideas, possible corporate sponsors and get some numbers firmed up. And yes, I’m smiling as I write this. I love the idea of having a goal to work towards. In fact, without that prize at the end of the road I struggle with finding my dogged determination.

This challenge could quite possibly be the catalyst I’ve needed in my life for a long time to reignite my passion for fitness and nutrition. Discovering Cross Fit (James Milne from Kiwi Conditioning is beyond inspiring, knowledgeable and amazing!) has inspired me to do more than simply work out – the classes push me to push myself. Hard.

From here on out, I’m setting the bar high. And yes, I will reach it and continue to move it further and further up. Improving on myself and the world around me is what keeps me passionate about life.

So bring it on folks – let’s all be tough Mudders! The Shane Cameron Fitness family (my local gym) is stoked…so am I.

PS For more information and information about our journey moving forward check out my public Facebook page, we’ll be posting any updates there. If you’d like to join our team for Sydney we’d be happy to have you. Or, if you’d like to support us in any way (even just with words of inspiration) – anything’s appreciated.

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