Well hello there, it’s been a while

It’s been quite a long while since my last blog here – and I’ve sure missed the time spent sitting down to write & postulate on everything and nothing all at once. Life and time seems to slip by so quickly – especially when your proverbial “plate” is full to the brim. No complaints here though, the busy-stuff that’s ruled my life since the beginning of 2012 has been a mix of inspirational, educational and fun.

After being inspired by the physical challenge that is the Tough Mudder event, I cajoled, badgered and rallied like-minded fitness fanatics to come along with me to the Sydney event over a weekend in late September this year. We’ve got a baker’s dozen of hearty souls all signed up, rearing to go and training like mad fools. We’ll concentrate on our fitness and nutrition with a goal to finishing strong – hopefully in the top 5%.

At work, we’ve also been very busy living the promise of “Good Energy” each day. I spent the most enjoyable and rewarding day celebrating the good eggs amongst us with some co-workers and a Candid Camera-style film crew. The morning before the filming all of us involved were a wee bit nervous… would anyone stop? Would our supposition that there are a lot people full of good energy out there ring true and would people be willing to stop and help someone broken down on the side of the road?

Well, let’s just say we were smiling from morning to evening the next day (and still smiling). Here’s the final video of our Good Samaritan social experiment – have a look and see what you think. There’s been a lot of very positive feedback – and I for one am pretty damn proud to be a part of a company that lives it’s beliefs, in our case that means Good Energy. We’ve got some amazing stuff in store as well at work…so yeah, it’s a great time getting up and getting into the office these days.

On the home front, my Mom is here visiting from America and she’ll spent a full month with us this visit. I really wish she’d stay forever. But, since forever is a big ask, I’ll just look forward to the next visit and the next. School holidays means lots of time spent with our Booboo girl (which is a big help while Hubby & I are working).

And there you have it…a long-winded explanation for be absent from the interwebs and the blogosphere. I’ll attempt to get a blog in each week from here on out, so watch this space! Plenty of Mudder news to come as well as techy geek stuff (iPhone users you MUST try Magisto it will change the way you use your phone’s video camera).

Apologies for a chunky post – I’m a bit rusty.




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