Food Wars – Me vs Myself

I’ve decided to try and get back on track with my blogging since I’ve definitely fallen off the wagon lately when it comes to writing. My goal is one good blog each week about topics that range from brand affinity to hot coco – and everything in between.

Today’s post was originally going to be about brand whores (I can admit I am one) and why it is that we, as humans, seem to hold such strong bonds with one brand affiliation but couldn’t give a rats when it comes to turning tail and running away from others.Image

BUT, that all went out the window when I sat down a few minutes ago – exhausted from tending to a sick child for the past 36 hours and going stir crazy after not being able to leave the house for 30 of those hours. Yep, when I sat down to talk about why we love Coke but not Pepsi (or Dr Pepper above both) I really started thinking about how I’m feeling both physically and emotionally right now. And, the simple answer was: spent.

For the last seven days I’ve trained my butt off at CrossFit (not to mention cardio exercise on top of the WODs) – I have also eaten a completely sub-par (AKA crap) diet. I usually pride myself on being able to stick with the healthy stuff, to politely decline the “devil food” (stuff that tastes so good YOU HAVE TO EAT IT ALL!), and to overall eat without a sense of portion distortion.

This week though – my life has been a war of me against myself when it comes to my diet. I’ve been saying “Yes!” to everything I shouldn’t be. Sneaking chocolates home. Being very self-destructive. And while I know some of you are rolling your eyes because 7 days isn’t 7 months or 7 years of bad eating …  for me it seems like an eternity. And, I feel like I’ve ripped myself off.

All of this hard work and I still ask “How high?” when my brain says “Jump!”. Cookies. Doritos. White bread. Cheese. Chocolates. I’ve had it all – just today, actually. The 6 days before today weren’t much better.

I wonder why it is that I seems to set goals, work towards them and then seemingly kick my feet out from under me when I start seeing results. Lord knows.

I guess this brings me to the next step. To the part where I say that tomorrow’s a new day and I’ll get back on track then. Well I sure as hell hope so. It’s back to the gym in the morning – I will go and work HARD. And it’s reassuring myself that there are hic-ups, start-overs and mistakes. And, as a good friend told me recently mistakes are just that – “miss-takes” therefore take one is done and it’s time to conquer take 2.

I’ve got just over 12 weeks until the Tough Mudder in Sydney. Now’s the time to really knuckle down and back myself instead of quietly turning back the clock on all of my good physical work. Here’s hoping my next blog entry is one where I’ve made a change and established it!

Take 2!


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