My Top 5 Kiwi Social Media Moments

Social media is ingrained in everything we do these days. It influences what we wear, where we go, the food we eat, the news we digest and our discussions around the dinner table. There’s no escaping it, social media is a piece of strong fabric that is wholly woven into the everyday world of kiwis.

Recently I sat down and began to ponder on which social media moments have been my favourite in the larger scheme of things…then I concentrated on narrowing down the BIG MOMENTS here in New Zealand.

I’m talking about those transformational moments that get the entire country talking, tweeting and Facebooking about them. Those finite snippets of social g6old that stay forever etched in our collective memories.

I came up with heaps, but narrowed them down to my Top 5 Social Media Moments in New Zealand:

  1. Sonny Bill Williams – the Rugby World Cup ‘Coup in a Sleeve’  Sonny Bill Williams and his torn Adidas All Blacks jersey at the RWC 2011
    For the millions of people watching the All Blacks take on Tonga in last year’s Rugby World Cup, already know where this is headed. It was that moment when Sonny Bill’s rippling biceps seemingly exploding from the sleeve of his jersey. The nation, and some might even say the world, collectively gasped (most in delight). Twitter looked as if it would implode from the sheer volume of tweets being hurled out into cyberspace. Facebook was filled to the gills with Sonny Bill’s image. People talked about it, they wrote about it, they watched the video on YouTube. And from it, Adidas came out smelling of roses. Attention firmly turned from jersey over-pricing to Sonny Bill’s, erm, talents.
  2. Orcon & Iggy Pop Orcon & Iggy Pop
    Orcon wanted to make a loud noise in the land of giant internet providers – and boy did it ever! I remember the first time I saw Iggy Pop looking to make his own band of Kiwis online and thinking “Wow, this is pretty darn cool.” From the get-go, this little slice of social media gold was one that was destined to stand out. 200 audition videos of were uploading via Facebook in only ten days – and from the 200 who entered, Iggy hand-picked 9. Iggy’s legendary “The Passenger” track was recorded online and Iggy coached his Kiwi band live from Florida. Staged and well thought out? Totally. Cool factor, execution and likeability rating? Super high.
  3. Rob Fyfe takes on The Listener Roby Fyfe takes on The Listener
    Good ‘ol Rob Fyfe. He’s definitely made waves since securing his place at the helm of the company, and of all of the things he’s done – this is one that gives me warm fuzzies every time I see it. It is Rob’s reply to an article published by The Listener which declared Air New Zealand was headed for budget-airline-status after announcing a trans-Tasman alliance with Virgin Blue. This response was thoughtful, funny and well overall very clever. So clever in fact that it is still a topic of conversation around many corporate meeting tables and family dining tables too.
  4. Marmite Marmageddon
    Who would (or could) have imagined that dry toast was something that so many Kiwis are against? When Marmite warned kiwis that the fully stocked shelves of their product in  supermarkets and dairies would soon be as bare as their burnt toast, people panicked. They hoarded the stuff and sold it on TradeMe at exorbitant prices. I even saw dodgy dealings of half eaten jars of the stuff go down in the homes of friends and family. Twitter was awash with Marmite-gate as was Facebook. Sir Graham Henry even put out a call for people to keep calm and not worry, the gooey stuff would be back eventually. I have only one word to sum this up: brilliant.
  5. Rico 
    Yes, another gem from Air New Zealand. Rico captured the hearts of many and got the knickers of the nation’s anti-puppet crew in a knot. But, like him or hate him – the idea that was Rico was well played from beginning to end. Snoop Dogg, David Hasselhoff, Lindsay Lohan and kiwi celebs like Paul Holmes made added celebrity star power to Rico’s appeal. Also concentrating on popular overseas travel destinations and a mixture of social platforms (not to mention a murder mystery to end his reign on the couch), meant that AirNZ one-upped most other players in the Kiwi social media sphere – again.
  6. MY WILDCARD – The Good Energy TaxiCassie Roma and the Good Energy Taxi
    What good would a top 5 list be without a wildcard? My pick is one close to my heart. Not only did I get to be a part of this fun & magical, world-first social event (the taxi ran on the good energy of its passengers for two weeks), but I truly believe in the fact that Kiwis are full of good stuff. More to the point, full of good energy. The Good Energy taxi is something all kiwis can take heart in, because it’s real and comes from that golden spot in all of us who help others out just for the sake of it. Venturing into the social space to prove it is a whole lot of fun indeed! Watch this space for more good energy to come.
So there they are folks, the top 5 social media moments that still live on in our collective memory here in NZ.

Which 5 social moments top your list?

2 Replies to “My Top 5 Kiwi Social Media Moments”

  1. Cheers, Wendy! I love all of these…the Taxi was a blast from a personal & professional standpoint. And who doesn’t love some shirtless SBW action & AirNZ??? Brilliant!

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