For The Love of Brand

Brand Affinity it’s something we’ve all got a lot of – whether you admit it or not. It’s that innate pull to grab a cold Coke over a Pepsi. Or
to pay twice the price for running shoes as long as they’re Nike. Need I mention iPhone vs Android fans?

Brand affinity is an emotional response to a brand. It’s warm fuzzies, watering mouth and deep loyalty towards objects that help you define yourself in a world full of choices. Think about it – you group people into social stereotypes due to their affinity to Converse All Stars vs Prada heels. You can spot a hipster, preppy, square or goth from a mile away – all of these styles are down to brand affinity.

So how do brands convince the public (AKA every single one of us) to become lifetime advocates, and therefore purchasers, of their products? I reckon it more than marketing.

A clever campaign that elicits an overwhelming emotional response is a good start – but it’s not the way to keep the ball rolling. Creating brand advocates, and then rewarding them is important. So is the concept of social currency – the ever-elusive cool factor. You can’t buy cool. But you can build it over time.

For kids it starts young with things like a free toy in your happy meal. From an early age we reckon McDonald’s is a great place to go because, not only do we get to eat something special, we get a toy, too! Talk about positive reinforcement & adding an element of play to mealtime. Genius, McDonald’s. Genius.

The idea of creating an army of die-hard brand advocates is best done, in my humble opinion, by Disney. Growing up in Southern California meant that I was able to go to “the happiest place on earth” (Disneyland) 3 or 4 times a year – if not more. At 36 years old I’ve been more times that I can count and still get a little tingle of joy each time we hit the road and head off for a day of fun and adventure at Disneyland.

Beyond the parks themselves, Disney has always had a very forward thinking view of the brand and how it can be used. This was the genius of Walt and those who perpetuated the brand after his death that makes heading to any of their worldwide parks things that dreams are made of for millions of people worldwide.

From ground breaking technologies in the early 1900’s around feature length cartoons, to action figures, to Broadway shows – Disney’s always done it right. They’ve made loving the brand easy, shareable, and part of every American (& now, foreign) kid’s childhood experience.

And there we have the magic word: experience. Brands that people become and stay loyal to offer us more than a product – they offer us an experience each time we interact with the brand, their product or even our peers and social groups who are advocates as well.

I have 4 brands that I ALWAYS go back to as faves. They are faves because I see myself as part of the fabric of WHY they do what they do, and WHAT they all sell.

I’ll come clean and admit here that I tell people about the amazingness of each of these brands a lot. There’s method to my madness, too. I want the people I know & who trust me to have the best…and these things, I reckon, are the best.

Herein lies the beauty of creating advocates. The magic exists still in word of mouth. If I tell someone I love a product, they will be (according to latest figures) more than 4 times more likely to give that brand a go. Peer to peer recommendations are the Holy Grail of marketing.

My four favorite brands?
Here they are:

1. Disney

2. Coca Cola

3. Apple

4. Nike

I had to think about these and have a truck load of other brand I love and use often, but these are my “core four”. Each offer a wholly individual and all immersing brand experience. Nike is part of my own self-narrative. The swoosh is a part of what makes me feel strong, empowered, & athletic. “Everyone that has a body is an athlete,” Nike says. I believe them!

Coca Cola makes me smile – I don’t actually drink Coke (occasionally I’ll have a Coke Zero) – but I will chose it over any other soft drink. It reminds me of carefree childhood summers, smiles with friends as teenagers and that iconic logo is just hard to go past. Apple & Disney both are all about the experience for me. They’re both magical, they’re both groundbreaking and there’s an element of discovery in all that they offer.

So there you have it, we are all brand whores to some extent. And that’s a good thing – but brand affinity is more than just a clever head of marketing. It’s about asserting our independence, fitting in with a group of like-minded folks and (yes) being cool.

While I head out in my Ray Bans and lace up my Chuck Taylor’s to head out for a Patron cocktail, I’d like you to think about your favorite brands. What makes them special to you? What memories & feelings do you associate with them? You might be surprised by what you find out about yourself!

One Reply to “For The Love of Brand”

  1. For me, brand loyalty is sometimes a time-saving device. For example, I’ve been using Suave strawberry shampoo for as long as I can remember, because it’s inexpensive, always available, and I don’t have to think about shampoo. Same with the classic black Casio digital watch; it’s inexpensive, fits my wrist (most watches don’t), and is durable.

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