A Quarter Turn of the Sun

MatarangiThe last time I sat down to type out a blog post, 2013 was still looming ahead bright, warm and sun-filled. Today, it’s 4 months into the year already. I know, I know…what a lazy bunny I’ve been when it comes to taking the time to write. But hey, I guess that means that life’s been busy and full, right? Right!

So what’s happened so far this year that’s worthy of remembering by putting proverbial pen to paper? Well, just about everything (no, really!) So far this year we’ve had adventures to last a lifetime and squeezed them into 12 short weeks alongside school, work and other everyday aspects of modern life.good friends…we ended up spending New Year’s Eve sitting in the sun at the Riverhead Tavern sipping cold cocktails and looking out over a gorgeous vista. From January 1st on, the summer has only gotten better. In fact, this summer has and still is one for the history books. After 2011/2012’s dismal effort at a wet, grey and We rang in the new year by taking a trip to Helensville to visit bummer of a summer, this year’s has been a real corker! Sun, sun and more sun…which makes my Southern Californian heart as happy as the Larry guy everyone always talks about.

Through January we traveled far and wide checking out new beaches, holidaying with friends in Matarangi and enjoying the heck out of each other – and our close friends. There’s something about sunshine in New Zealand which inherently means more time laughing and making memories with people you care about…so this long summer has been a true summer of fun!

Amongst the fun and laughter though, there have been tears. In January, the world lost a true good man when my Uncle Jack was taken from us very fast, and very young. It seems our tears had just left our eyes when other big blow hit in late February. One of hubby’s best mates – part of “the gang” since teenage years – died suddenly and without known cause.

Having one of the boys, one of our boys taken after just spending a weekend in Matarangi with him so full of vim, vigor, and life…let’s just say I’m still getting my head (and heart) around Wilt’s death. Looking around at the broken hearts and tear-stained faces of hubby’s friends at the funeral, men I love dearly to the last, was horrible. But, it has reminded many of us to tell our friends we love them. And it’s meant a lot more raising of glasses to those no longer with us! And, along with the losses I should mention that there have been many new beginnings. Babies have been born, marriages have begun and life has continued to go on in all of its imperfect glory. Which always gives me hope, and always paints a smile on  my face.

MatarangiAnd here we are, on the cusp of the 4th month of the year. Already! When I look back through our photos we have sure squeezed a lot into 12 weeks – and there’s so much more ahead planned. My Mom arrives for a visit in 3 days and then there’s a big trip home to California to look forward to for all of July (I need to get back my accent). There will be a trip to San Francisco, a Kenny Chesney concert, the 4th of July, my 32nd birthday and more to experience then…so bring it on.

After California I’ve got some physical challenges penciled in to keep my fitness on track. There’s a mud run in August with big group of girls I love to pieces and then I’ve put my hand up for the Auckland Half-Marathon in November which I am running on behalf of Starship Children’s Hospital (help keep my butt on track and raise some coins for the kids…you can donate big or small here.)

So that’s been my journey so far this year! May yours be filled with laughter, love, sunshine and lots of adventure!

3 Replies to “A Quarter Turn of the Sun”

  1. I now have you on an RSS feed. Love you to the moon and back. Your positivity inspires all who come in to contact with you.

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