KMart’s Latest Ad – Where boring becomesbrilliant

Kmart’s latest ad (which promotes a ho-hum, not-gonna-rock-my-world free shipping product) has made the advertising stop and take notice.

They’ve also taken advertising up a notch by bringing it down and adding a big dash of funny into the world of boring TV.

Delivered in a dry and sarcastic tone (I can see myself cracking this joke to my friends and them running off with it!), this ad has produced many snort-laugh-moments in my household and has the humorless and dull people of America up in arms. OVER A FREE SHIPPING SERVICE!

Kudos to you, KMart for bucking the boring trend and doing something a bit baseline to get a giggle – you’re obviously a big brand that’s run by humans (not robotic, humor sapped, suits) after all!

I absolutely love it when a brand (big or small) takes a punt on doing something a bit risque. Ads like this renew my faith in the fact that ad-men aren’t all lacking in a sense of humor from too many years attempting to reach a personal pinnacle amongst their peers.

Someone dealing with KMart’s advertising is actually fun. In fact, quite a few people up top must be to get this out and over the line.

14 million + people have viewed this ad on YouTube already, and I think I just laughed so hard watching this ad for the umpteenth time, that I shipped my pants…again.

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