comfort zone be damned

Last week I was thrown pretty far afield from my natural surrounds. From a safe harbor of a warm office building and a defined set of daily rituals, I was thrown outside – of my comfort zone.

Having to find my feet pretty quick in a new area of the business that I work in (while carrying on my day-to-day job, too) meant I had to hit the ground running. And this I did, in leather boots and corporate attire instead of actual running shoes.

Apparently, if you go by inspirational quotes on Facebook (the great wealth of heart-achingly-sweet content that it is!), the area that exists outside of one’s comfort zone is where “the magic” happens.

Now, I’ve never sat down to define what my definition of magic is, and from that I’ve never determined a finite location from which it derives…but I’m pretty sure that these Facebook inspiration gurus are onto something.

I spent a lot longer than usual learning nuances that existed in finer details that I never knew had anything to do with anything. I built new neural pathways and exercised my synapses at warp speed.

Although I was slightly frightened of wading into deeper and unfamiliar waters, doing so meant that the week went fast, I learned a lot, and I was challenged more than I have been in a long time.

I imagine the way felt was akin to how Charlie Sheen felt when he was swigging tiger blood and yelling “WINNING!” from the rooftops in Hollywood. And while I won’t be doing any of those crazy things – I will be continuing to push myself when it comes to leaving the familiar comfort of my special zone where things are always as they should be.

Comfort zone, be damned!


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