Idiots With Guns eating at the Sonic Burger

Excuse me while I share a piece of my mind.

I recently saw a photo of a group of 5 rednecks (I love rednecks, by the way) sitting at a Sonic Burger eating their lunch in peace with a nonchalant air about them as they slurped up their Coca-Colas and Mr Pibbs. Most of the time, I’m don’t take the world too seriously. I try to highlight the positive in situations and laugh when a silver lining presents itself. Most of the time.

This time, I was appalled by the photo.

WHY? I’ll tell you why. These men, who look like they’ve just passed through puberty and shouldn’t be trusted with razors to shave their peach fuzz let alone with anything that could mean life and death of others, were chowing down with LARGE RIFLES STRAPPED TO THEIR BACKS. Yep. Hunting weapons that would make anyone with a sense of self-preservation shake in their boots a teeny bit (or a lot).

After posting this photo on social media, the men in the image as well as their supporters online (because, let’s face it, there are always very LOUD and OPINIONATED idiots shouting on the internet) have reacted shocked. They’re taken aback by the fact that anyone (ahem, most people) would find offense in this particular situation.

YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING! No really. You must be taking the pi$$.

There is no way I would ever take myself or my family to eat at at a place where people are allowed to intimidate others simply by wearing their firearms (RIFLES PEOPLE) in public. Your right to bear arms does not give you the right to flaunt said guns in public places like restaurants. And, before every hillbilly with an opinion jumps in, I’m okay with guns if they’re used as they are intended. If you’re hunting deer, take your rifles into the woods. The only reason you would ever need to wear them in public is in the highly unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse. That’s it.

Ordering a chocolate shake and polishing off a Sonic Burger aren’t times in which your loaded weapons (or even your unloaded weapons) should be on display. Where in the world has common sense gone? Common decency? Apparently they’ve gone the way of the Dodo and been replaced by even bigger dummies instead.

I’ve tried very hard not to weigh in on the gun-control debate for a long time. The pro-gun contingent that make the loudest noise usually do so to bully and harass people who think there should actually be some weight behind background checks. I truly beliebe that the rules that allow Joe Bloggs to come in off the street and buy a semi-automatic weapon and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in an urban area are ridiculous, loose, weak and allow for instances like UCSB time and time again.

I personally come from a rural place where my family always had hunting weapons (guns, bows and arrows, knives) – but we always, always, always had our weapons locked up and never put them on display. My family would be horrified if any of us ever took a gun out with the intent of intimidating others. If you need a gun to prove you’ve got a pair of cajones, you need to get that space in between your ears checked. Dumb. Dumber. Dumbest. I really worry about the way the USA is heading.  

What is so wrong with putting your guns away in your vehicle while you stop to eat in a public place? What about simple, decent respect for others? Why are we allowing others to intimidate the public so openly? Because they went to the local gun shop and got a freaking $30 gun license? What a joke.

The constitution says we have a right to be armed. But, I have a right to feel safe in public. This is getting stupid. Throw all of your numbers at me. Go on. Yell. Rant. Holler. Do what you will. The thing is, I’ve seen too many people I love hurt by guns. Legal ones. I see intimidation and I know the real fear of standing up for myself and wondering if the guy I’m standing up to has a gun.

Protect yourself, sure. But don’t be idiots about it. Leave your weapons in the car when you stop for a burger. Seems like a good enough start to me…

Rant over.

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