Another day above ground…

Hello there, Monday. Here we are again. Another early morning. Another early start. Everyone on the bus today looked like they’d been dragged from warmer, more secure dreams to fave another week. And, looking around, only a few people looked pretty happy to be blessed with the promise of more time above ground.

I wanted to get up and sing (badly, and without fear of being committed to the nuthouse) – or dance. Sitting dour-faced with weary passengers surrounding me…I could shout:
“C’mon people! It’s Monday! Monday!”

For me, Mondays are like a new beginning every 6 days. Now, if you think about it, that’s a pretty lucky thing, isn’t it? So many new beginnings. More sunny mornings. Birdsong vibrating the dewdrops on spider webs outside the front door.

Over the weekend I was blessed with time amongst friends, amongst family… And lots of sunshine and laughter (I should probably mention the champagne, too, because it was delicious).

Thousands of tiny moments that roll into one to create my perception of luck and blessings to be awake and alive today. Work is full of fun & like-minded people, home is where the love is. And the wider world is an experience a minute.

Here’s to today. Another day above ground. Get outdoors.



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