Photographs & Memories – September 2016

Over the past few years I’ve really neglected my creative passions. Motherhood, adulting (ahem, work & paying bills) & getting sucked into believing in the concept of “time-poor” meant pushing aside the pursuits that truly made my soul sing.

Well, this post featuring some of my fave photos from the past wee while, is my first step back to following passions, capturing dreams, & living simply.

I hope you enjoy my photos! This month’s theme will be a bit broody – black & white. I love how shades of grey can bring joy & sadness.  And, how the magical grit in the details between light & darkness can highlight a sense of pain – & of beauty.
*Please ask for permission before publishing these pics online or in print*

Thanks, Cass

 “Hoop dreams”

“Moody blues & stormy views”


“Rangitoto surprise”


 “Outrun the setting sun”


 “These boots were made for rocking”


 “Mechanical angel”


“Wine and good times”


“Coffee dreams”






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