Photographs & Memories – December 2016

December. The last month of the year… four weeks leading into a new trip around the sun. Always a festive time, this month’s photos are an ode to a magical time of year. Bursting with fun, colours, family, and love.

I always start to take stock of the year that’s been, and set new goals for the year ahead in the 12th month of each year. There’s something new and shiny, but also comfortable and worn in about this month.

As for us, we spent a lot of time with friends and family – both on the mainland here in Auckland, and on our fave island in the sun (Waiheke, you’re a babe!)

Here’s to you, December. 

You’re always a pretty month.

Pohutukawa tickles
Treat yo self… it’s been a big year
Classic USA meets NZ
Another classic: the humble Negroni #favetipple
A Xmas line-up worthy of Waiheke summertime 
Through the looking glass
Morning vineyard wanderings
Whanau, picture in picture – Man O War
 Cheers to you, December. Negronis ahoy


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