Where do you go when the universe is too heavy to carry?

Where do you go when the universe is too heavy to carry? Some people head to the mountains, to the bottom of a bottle, or search out a dark desert road to see the stars.

Me? I go the ocean.

Without fail, when I feel like the world around me, or inside of me, is on the verge of crumbling – my heart (& feet) lead me to the sea.

I go there to feel alive.

As alive as anything could ever be, without questioning why we’re all here in the first place. No inner-voice. No inner-critic. Just the world, the universe, this moment – and life. We get so busy with trying to balance the needs of others with our own inherent needs. And, often, we forget to give ourselves the space and time needed to simply feel. To simply be alive. To be human. The ocean reminds me to slow down – almost to stillness. Even with a seaside din around me, silence becomes a constant, mind clearning, companion by the sea.

I go there to feel small.

As small as a single drop of water dancing, uncontrolled, through waves and white water. The water transfers the taste of salt from invisible sea-spray on my lips. And, the sting of sunlight on my face is intensified. When I feel small, my problems – even the gargantuan ones – feel tiny. Palatable. Less palpable. When you stand beside a heaving piece of the universe, one that always has been and always will be bigger, bolder, and more brash than you or any human on earth, happiness becomes imminent and present. And, I find, so do I.

I go there to listen to the Earth.

Can you hear it breathing? In and out. Out and in. In and out and in again. Birds, people, wind, water, the shore… all crashing together in a beautiful ballet of sonorous sensation. Harmonious chaos. Perfection. With eyes closed, I’m able to drift away to different times – those gone, and hopeful ones ahead. I can also hear echoes of people past. Their lessons come back to me and echo in my mind. Why give into stress, hurry, worry, and the modern glorification of ‘busy?’ By the ocean, it all falls away. All of it. There’s no busyness or fear of deadlines pushing you under the waves. If you’ve got a board underneath you, you ride the waves as if you’re a part of the actual fabric of the earth. When you listen without interruption, you’re able to take every whisper and laugh in and hold it close to you.

It’s been a rough week. But here, by the ocean, my soul feels light again. Toes in the water, I’m simply here. The sea heals. It forgets. And, it shoulders the weight we oftentimes can’t.

So, where do you go when the universe is too heavy to carry? Some people head to the mountains, to the bottom of a bottle, or search out a dark desert road to see the stars.

I go to the ocean.

Keppel Island Sunset

3 Replies to “Where do you go when the universe is too heavy to carry?”

  1. Very inspring Cassie. Your words are beautifully written. Like amazing poetry.

    Me? I go to a delicious cup of fresh coffee, I breathe, I relax, I clear my mind.

    If I need more, I find some grass to lie on for 30 mins. 🙂

  2. I was fortunate enough to be invited on a launch last week for a wee fishing escapade. Fishing was good, saw the bottom of a few bottles, laughed, took the piss, clowned around as I am want to do. On the return leg the weather and sea really turned it on for us. We bucked and heaved our way back to our berth and I have not felt so invigorated for an eternity. The sea owns me. The sea calls me. It cleanses me

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