Why It’s Important To Be A ‘Challenger’ At Work

I'm stuck. And I'm hoping you can help me out with a little modern-day conundrum. Here's the deal: I don't get the narrative we're sold about how we should all live our lives. Wait, let me rephrase, I do get it. I probably understand it far too well - and it's messing with my head a …

Slowing Down to Speed Up: Top Tips For Playing the ‘Professional Long Game’

I caught one heck of a flu bug this time two weeks ago. You know the kind: a truly knock-down, stay-down kind of virus that had me crawling on my hands & knees to get from my bed to the couch where I would collapse & whimper entire days away. To say this bug was …

The Day That Changed Everything

Our country was founded on the acceptance of difference. On different-ness.  Creed, race, religion... all of it. We need to go back to celebrating that which both binds us and makes us unique. We need to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves. 

Growing Older, Wildly

This year has been a time to find my feet. To walk, crawl, run, stumble, jump, and skip as far as I can... even if my feet have had to go backwards or sideways to eventually end up moving me forward.