Photographs & Memories – June 2017 

Okay, okay… I’ve been fairly lax on the posting-my-best-photos-monthly front. Why? Because, busy.

Busy with work, with family, with travel & adventuring… basically, sneaky ‘ol Life got in the way of being bloggerific. And yeah, the ‘glorification of busy’ is a thing… so I need to stop using busy-ness as an excuse for not doing more of what I love. 🙂

That said, June was an amazing month in my world. And, I can’t wait to share some of our adventures with you! Work was fulfilling, family were/are happily settled, and I was blessed to travel to two beautiful, sunny, summery climes to escape New Zealand winter for two of the four weeks of the month. Speeding up, slowing down… enjoying a change of pace most days.


Below are some of my fave images and memories from Queensland, Australia (if you ever have the chance to visit the Capricorn Coast & Great Keppel Island – do it!), and from home – ten sun-drenched days soaking up my people and culture in California.

Shades of turquoise and gold play havoc with my happiness in these images. And, smiling faces remain happy for all times.

Enjoy, Team. As always, if you’re keen to use my images, please reach out and ask.


Surf spotting, Huntington Beach style. This is, by far, my Happiest Place on Earth. Waves crashing, thrashing and gently finishing their journeys in soft sea foam blankets at the sandy shoreline.

Venice Beach, when you’re there… look up. Always look up. Blue on blue on blue…

No work. No shoes. No worries. And… no gravity? As long as the sun is shining, life’s shining too.

Skateboard serenity at Venice Beach. These cool cats are easy to watch for hours on end.

Absolutely blissing out.

I attended VidCon in Anaheim – it was a pleasure to meet so many people from different places, backgrounds, and dreamstyles. I enjoyed geeking out & spending time with each person who spent their time chatting to & laughing along with this tourist at home. Above is Hannah Hart, YouTuber/Author/TV powerhouse & all-around fabulous human. Let’s be honest – being a Momma & running the rat race means I didn’t have a clue about who most of the ‘stars’ were, but it was a fascinating experience & I’m already looking forward to the next VidCon!

This big geek! Nerding out before the VidCon extravaganza that was.

The Rainbow Hut on Great Keppel Island in Queensland, Australia. It felt like we stepped back in time to a place dripping in multi-colored, sun-drenched amazingness. Cannot wait to return!

This has to be THE ROOM with THE VIEW. Great Keppel Island Hideaways, I could’ve stayed on here for ages & ages… heavenly, mystical, & OTT on the natural beauty scale.

Toes in the water, salty jeans, and a smile permanently painted on. Talk about one heckuva arrivals & departures lounge.

Yeppoon sunrise. Heaven. Heaven. Heaven. #TakeMeBack


Photographs & Memories – January 2017

January 2017 started with a warm summer breeze on Waiheke Island in New Zealand – and ended in a freezing cold cemetery in rural Missouri surrounded by family as we farewelled our matriarch.

From the highest of the highs, to the saddest farewells, I can honestly say that January made me stronger.

Thank you, for that, Jan.

The images I’d like to share from this month reflect my love of summer, of my homeland, of my family – and of simply being present.


A final view from above.

Last long drive home.

Take care of her, Grandpa.

3am wake-up call.

Broody blues in black and white.



Photographs & Memories – December 2016

December. The last month of the year… four weeks leading into a new trip around the sun. Always a festive time, this month’s photos are an ode to a magical time of year. Bursting with fun, colours, family, and love.

I always start to take stock of the year that’s been, and set new goals for the year ahead in the 12th month of each year. There’s something new and shiny, but also comfortable and worn in about this month.

As for us, we spent a lot of time with friends and family – both on the mainland here in Auckland, and on our fave island in the sun (Waiheke, you’re a babe!)

Here’s to you, December. 

You’re always a pretty month.

Pohutukawa tickles
Treat yo self… it’s been a big year
Classic USA meets NZ
Another classic: the humble Negroni #favetipple
A Xmas line-up worthy of Waiheke summertime 
Through the looking glass
Morning vineyard wanderings
Whanau, picture in picture – Man O War
 Cheers to you, December. Negronis ahoy


Photographs & Memories – September 2016

Over the past few years I’ve really neglected my creative passions. Motherhood, adulting (ahem, work & paying bills) & getting sucked into believing in the concept of “time-poor” meant pushing aside the pursuits that truly made my soul sing.

Well, this post featuring some of my fave photos from the past wee while, is my first step back to following passions, capturing dreams, & living simply.

I hope you enjoy my photos! This month’s theme will be a bit broody – black & white. I love how shades of grey can bring joy & sadness.  And, how the magical grit in the details between light & darkness can highlight a sense of pain – & of beauty.
*Please ask for permission before publishing these pics online or in print*

Thanks, Cass

 “Hoop dreams”

“Moody blues & stormy views”


“Rangitoto surprise”


 “Outrun the setting sun”


 “These boots were made for rocking”


 “Mechanical angel”


“Wine and good times”


“Coffee dreams”