What I Do

If I had to put “What I Do” into a singular, succinct phrase it would be this:
I’m a storytelling, public-speaking, social media + digital marketing OG with a penchant for data, creativity, strategy, & community advocacy. 

With equal parts head and heart, I develop individualized content and communications solutions for clients big and small. I think omni-channel and audience first (humans must always come first!) to drive deep engagement, customer advocacy, brand equity – and, in the end, increase revenue for clients.

Long in the proverbial tooth, I’ve been chief storyteller for brands big & small, global & local, for over a decade now. And after all of this time, I’m still blown away by the beauty of humanity & human connectedness that can be infused into business-wide strategies.

I also spend a lot of time travelling, and speaking in forums both large and small on the power of storytelling across channels and audience demographics. Whether it’s to a crowd at world-class conferences like VidCon & Social Media Marketing World, or a smaller local group – I delight in helping brands & influencers come up with ways to tell their own authentic stories to drive business results.

Helping brands & influencers find their own unique voice by marrying geekery, (short & long-term) content strategy, & creativity to create memorable moments & strong engagement with consumers gets my engine revving.

Why? Because I love the era that we’re living in today. Whilst the landscape of how we communicate is constantly changing in awe-inspiring ways, the heart of human connection remains. It lives and breathes in genuine, emotive, storytelling. Be it short, sweet fixes or in long-form educational articles, we’re all still hungry to learn and to know.

This is where I work and play. In a beautiful, messy, and fragmented world of media storytelling, branded content, and digital/social media strategy. Thank you for having me along for the ride!

If you’d like more information on the brands, projects, & results I’ve been lucky enough to work with and on over the past decade+, please connect with me here or across any other social media profile.

For more information on my professional journey, please connect with me on LinkedIn.

Key Skills & Experience: 

  • Creator (photographer, published writer, videographer, vlogger, the works)
  • Award-winning Social & Digital Media Strategist (B2B, B2C & B2Human)
  • Content Marketing Specialist (omni-channel – traditional, social, eDM & digital)
  • Keynoter, Speaker & Conference MC (brand storytelling, strategy, advocacy, & engaging leadership)
  • Corporate Leadership & Employee Engagement Evangelist
    (Workshops + Inspirational Speaking)
  • Brand Strategist (brand voice, values, channel strategies)
  • Audience Insights Specialist
  • Multi-media Governance & Implementation
  • Influencer marketing & Content Strategy
  • Experiential & Event Marketing
  • Brand Reputation Management & PR Strategy
  • Crisis communications Specialist
  • Published Author
  • Photographer, videographer, occasional blogger/vlogger & podcaster
  • Advocate & Board Member for Auckland Pride
  • Perennial optimist

Check out some of my recent podcasts & articles – let me know what you think!