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A San Diego girl transplanted in Auckland, New Zealand, I’ve got my feet firmly planted in two hemispheres. Like Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama (sans the sweet Southern drawl), I believe in the beauty of having roots and wings.

As a born creative with my head firmly in the clouds – I’m most at home playing the role of storyteller, public speaker, writer, media strategist and photographer. In fact, I love nothing more than connecting with people and places. And, in doing so, delving into the stories and experiences that both bind us as human beings, and allow us to stand out as individuals. Cheesy, but true.:)

By day I get my kicks as a Head of Content for some of New Zealand’s most beloved brands – working alongside innovative, creative, and kind people to help brands & influencers find their own unique voice. And, in doing so,  marrying geekery, content strategies, & creativity to create memorable moments & strong engagement in an omni-channel world.

I’m also a keynote and public speaker. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to share my thoughts, experiences, & insights in many countries across around the world. Some highlights include VidCon, Social Media Marketing World, NZFW, Simpliflying, and New Zealand’s own Digital Day Out.

Outside of business hours, I am Momma to one of the coolest, smartest, most inquisitive, and kind kids on the planet. I also get to travel, play, explore, and experience the world with my amazingly patient, kind, hilarious, creative, and gorgeous wife. I also spend time volunteering for community organizations that I care deeply for.

I am a complete sucker for positivity (at work and at play), for paying things forward, and for dancing on tables when the mood is right. Life’s far too short to do anything other than be thankful and kind – even in the crappy times.

Beyond cyberspace (yes people, there is life beyond it!) I get my kicks outdoors. From running and hiking, to beach days on my SUP spent flopping around in the waves, there’s nothing like fresh air to invigorate both mind and body. Music, food, wine and travel are all high in the MUST DO MORE OFTEN stakes of my life, too.

Here’s to Californian sunsets, and sunrises over Rangitoto.


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  1. G’day,
    Nice to meet you last night. You will like this author’s view on Newspapers; particularly those that have brand value and how they deal with Google. Similar to your perspective.
    Scott Galloway


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